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Our New Addition

I have been MIA for a few weeks now and with good reason 😉 On April 19th, our sweet boy, Hudson Lane Brasher, was born! Giving birth was one of the hardest and most beautiful things I have ever experienced. Even though I have only been a mama for a few weeks now, I absolutely CANNOT imagine my life with out my little man! He is a beautiful blessing and perfect fit to my now family of 3. My awesome brother Brandon took tons of photos and video to document Hudson’s arrival (LOVE YOU BRO.)  I am thrilled to share such a special, personal moment on the blog. 😉
Your Mom and Dad love you more than you will ever know. We are so thankful to have you in our lives. You have made our hearts grow a million times bigger than we ever knew was possible.
Love you, always.

12 Responses

  1. I cannot tell you what this did to my heart.:) So beyond precious. I’m sitting here looking at these pictures crying. What a precious, beautiful family. God is so good!!! I love him and love YOU!! I’m so happy for you and Jeremy.

  2. Well. Picture 13 was the one that got me. Definitely sitting in my bed tearing up. I love you, Rel, and I am so proud of you. Also, I like the third pic, too.

  3. So sweet! I don’t Even personally know you and I teared up! Thank you for sharing such a special thing!

  4. How amazing! You truly captured such intimate moments that every mother can relate to! I’m so happy you are experiencing that feeling of falling in love with your baby boy!! I’m so happy for you both! He is gorgeous! We love you all!!!

  5. Oh. My. Goodness!!! This is truly amazing, love every bit of it!!! Sweet Hudson!! Love the ones of you and Jeremy! Ah, so glad he is finally here!!

  6. Just so sweet! Of course every picture of Hudson is so cute! But I love the ones of you and Jeremy…he looks so concerned for you and baby Hudson. Love you guys so much!

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