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Hudson Lane, 2 weeks

My sweet boy is now 6 weeks old! So crazy!!!  The weeks have definitely flown by!  I am totally behind on posting the blogs I planned for my little guy, but now that I have had a minute to readjust 😉 I finally have a minute to post some of my fav pics of our little family.  I have a million photos (surprise, surprise…) so I am trying to keep these personal posts as organized as possible, so here are photos from buddy’s nursery and from the first 2 weeks! PS. Thanks for all the love and email congrats!!! I am soo appreciative and have loved every minute of being a mommy.


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  1. Ariel, these are so cute! I love what you’ve done with your nursery – the colors and all the artwork on the walls (I assume you created/designed it?). But my absolute fave is the one of Hudson beneath his big sign on the changing table. Perfectly framed. You’re so talented – at baby making too! Congrats!!

  2. Wow these are beautiful! I love the nursery and all your other pics! So great! thanks for sharing! keep them coming! 😉

  3. Ariel,
    Everything looks amazing! I love all of these beautiful pictures! Congratulations!! 6 weeks! I hope you all are doing fabulous. :)) I especially love the “party in my crib at 2am” and the nose to nose pic!


  4. Hello! I discovered your darling nursery on pinterest and was wondering if you could tell us how you did the artwork, H is for Handsome on Hudson’s wall. I am having a boy in September and thought it was so cute. I love your nursery. Thanks

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