Hudson Lane, 2 weeks

My sweet boy is now 6 weeks old! So crazy!!!  The weeks have definitely flown by!  I am totally behind on posting the blogs I planned for my little guy, but now that I have had a minute to readjust 😉 I finally have a minute to post some of my fav pics of our little family.  I have a million photos (surprise, surprise…) so I am trying to keep these personal posts as organized as possible, so here are photos from buddy’s nursery and from the first 2 weeks! PS. Thanks for all the love and email congrats!!! I am soo appreciative and have loved every minute of being a mommy.


Our New Addition

I have been MIA for a few weeks now and with good reason 😉 On April 19th, our sweet boy, Hudson Lane Brasher, was born! Giving birth was one of the hardest and most beautiful things I have ever experienced. Even though I have only been a mama for a few weeks now, I absolutely CANNOT imagine my life with out my little man! He is a beautiful blessing and perfect fit to my now family of 3. My awesome brother Brandon took tons of photos and video to document Hudson’s arrival (LOVE YOU BRO.)  I am thrilled to share such a special, personal moment on the blog. 😉
Your Mom and Dad love you more than you will ever know. We are so thankful to have you in our lives. You have made our hearts grow a million times bigger than we ever knew was possible.
Love you, always.