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Juliana + John

Destination wedding weekend in Savannah, Georgia. Weather, location, personal details…all insanely perfect. And Juliana and John deserved every single bit of it. If I could high five these two a million times, I totally would.

Check out their Day After portraits HERE

11 Responses

  1. OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY!! These are better than we even could imagine! Soooo beautiful. Ariel, how are you so GOOD?!!! Epic epic. Anyone in this country who doesn’t hire you for their wedding is crazy!! Amazing work. Can’t wait to see all the rest and put copies up all over our house!

  2. Wow!! Can’t stop smiling!! Ariel, these are fantastic! You truly captured this wonderful time for Juliana and John!!! You have a special gift!

  3. Holy shit. I’m in love with this entire blog post. The tones are incredible. Do you use VSCO film in your workflow? Regardless, you really created a solid emotional vibe with this one. Good use of GIFs too! 🙂

  4. holy shitballs how did i not see your work until now?!?! these are wonderful and beautiful and your processing is killer. havent stumbled upon someone that i love instantly like this in forever. bravvvvvo.

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