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Anastasia + Chris

These two. These two are so fun and so in love and so, so kind. Such a beautiful day. For real for real.

3 Responses

  1. I am in love with each and every one of these photos! Thank you for capturing the joy and the love and the beauty of the day! You two are the best.

  2. ARIEL YOU (AND YOUR MAN) ARE THE BEST AND ARE TOTAL ROCKSTARS!!!! Back over a year ago when I fell in love with your photos, I knew that you would be the one to capture our special day and all of the emotions and energy it entailed. You totally made all of those things (and more!) happen! These photos are amazing and now we will always be able to relive our wedding day and the beauty that was the day. You’re incredible and thank you so much for touching our lives!! xoxo

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