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Hudson Lane, 364 days old

(These photos were taken over the span of 4 to 7:30 pm, a few weeks ago. This is the busiest, craziest, most draining, fun, sweet time of day for our little family. I wanted to make sure I documented it before it’s too late. The last frame is a side by side of Hudson at 2 weeks and at 51 weeks.)

One year ago, I was waddling around my neighborhood trying to shake this baby out. But even as I post this I am not quite ready to title it as his 1 year blog. Technically I have 23 hours left to hold on to my strange, mommy emotional hold on his pre-one-year-old status. At this point, he is walking running everywhere. He is ALWAYS busy investigating something. Our home is now “officially” baby proofed. He loves peas, bananas and blueberries the best. Bath time gets me more soaked then it does him. I love our bed time routine. His laugh is ridiculously cute. He has 2 (sharp) teeth. He has had a total of 3 haircuts thus far. He barks at our dog (it’s super entertaining). As each day goes by, I somehow love him more and more. Don’t know how or why it works that way, but I do know that the moment he was born, I understood God’s love for us like nothing ever before. I thank HIM every single day for my Hudson.

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  1. This is perfect. I love the perfect words you find to convey your love for your beautiful son and your appreciation for Heavenly Father. Wonderful pictures.

  2. Aw! I love being able to watch him grow through your pics while I’m all over the place. He is the handsomest little boy! Miss you bushels. Hope to see you soon!

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