Laura + Mike

Tennessee blue grass party time wedding. In other words, this day was FUN.

Wedding Venue: Samary Plantation

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  1. Sidney Morgan: August 8, 201311:03 pm

    Ariel, this is next-level stuff. You did an amazing job with this wedding. :)

  2. Marilyn Hathaway: August 9, 20131:00 am

    Beautiful pictures of a wonderful couple!

  3. Claire: August 9, 20131:16 am

    These are just amazing. I don’t even know these people but I feel like i was there after looking at all of these! You are a genuine story teller.

  4. Caroline Fontenot: August 9, 20132:12 pm

    Amazing style, colors, photos, err’thang

  5. Jeremy: August 21, 20138:10 pm

    Incredible photos.

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