Kat + Doug

Kat and Doug are super rad. This wedding was killer. So glad they had me there to photograph the awesome.

Wedding Venue: Mercy Lounge / Cannery Ballroom

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  1. Morgan: August 30, 20125:15 pm

    Perfect. The stars…2nd to last picture. <3 I've said before, I am always inspired by your work.

  2. Chelsea Jaynes: August 30, 20125:17 pm

    These are fabulous! Such a unique wedding!!! Very cool!

  3. Melis: August 30, 20125:27 pm

    Ariel does it again! :)

  4. Suzie Perry: August 30, 20126:45 pm

    These are some of the greatest wedding photo’s I have had the pleasure of viewing!! Thanks for sharing them!!!! Congrats Doug and Kat!!!!!

  5. sam: August 30, 20127:53 pm

    i swear you just get better and better! so, so good.

  6. Caroline Fontenot: August 31, 201210:41 pm

    Freaking love the vibe, and the table shot made me want to have taken the table shot.

  7. Darlene Smotherman: September 3, 20121:40 am

    Ariel … what can I say? I have never seen anything done so beautifuly. Thank you for making my daughter’s wedding live on forever. Your work is a tremdous contribution to the artistic community. Bravo!!!!

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