Liz + Jon

Liz and Jon were married in the beginning of spring, at a summer camp, just south of Nashville. Rain or shine (and it was mostly rain…) this entire day was beautiful and so incredibly them.

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  1. Karen: April 11, 20139:45 pm

    Dying over this wedding- adorable overload! I love the ones of them with the umbrella and basically every portrait you took- such a great set! Your details are divine. :)

  2. LOGAN COLE: April 11, 20139:46 pm

    LOVE IT!!!!!

  3. brad: April 11, 20139:46 pm

    those umbrella pics. damn gurl.

  4. Jen: April 11, 201310:13 pm

    Daaaang R-E-L! This wedding looks like it was a blast and you captured the day beautifully. You rock :)

  5. Brian Furbush: April 11, 201311:16 pm

    There is so much love in this – the umbrella and canoe shots are straight up killer.

  6. Kristyn: April 11, 201311:52 pm

    oh ariel, these are marvelous.

  7. amanda vanvels: April 12, 20131:36 am

    WOW. what a great wedding. and you killed it. amazing photos! and great story telling!

  8. Hannah Elise: April 12, 20132:53 am

    wow, just wow. i don’t know how you can get any better but your work continually seeing all your pictures of not just the couple but the details–you have such a natural eye for that. :)

  9. Mindy: April 12, 20134:10 am

    I’m loving this wedding so much right now!! When you out the preview up I knew this was going to be amazing. Seriously, you rocked it!

  10. Kandes: April 12, 20133:10 pm

    Thank you for sharing your special day. Simply BEAUTIFUL!

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