Kathryn + Craig

This day was extremely special. I am so very happy for these two and was honored to be a part.

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  1. Ellie: February 3, 20139:29 pm

    This is SO SWEET! I love that they got married at a courthouse!!! AMAZING!!! (and beautiful photos, obviously! ;)

  2. jenny quin: February 3, 20139:30 pm

    What a beautiful couple! They seem so in love! Awesome job documenting it

  3. Carolyn: February 3, 20139:31 pm

    That bride is so gorgeous! and LOVE her dress! it’s perfect!!

  4. the butcher's: February 3, 20139:44 pm

    No one else could have done this as well as you. So good Ariel.

  5. Jamie: May 13, 201311:57 pm

    This is lovely! May I ask what day they got married on? Was it a weekday?

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