Grace + Tyler

I posted way too many photos. I’m aware. But I’m not really sorry at all. Because Grace and Tyler are amazing and the wedding day was amazing and because I say so. The end.

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  1. Camille: October 4, 20125:04 am

    These are absolutely fantastic. I feel like I was there and I don’t even know them. You are truly blessed and gifted in what you do.

  2. Bethany: October 4, 201212:44 pm

    I may have just started my day with tears of joy looking at this amazing couple. Outstanding work, Ariel!

  3. Grace Stout: October 4, 20122:00 pm

    Well I just cried my eyes out of happiness, thank you for being so amazing and capturing the moments we loved. Ah!!!

  4. Ty Stout: October 4, 20122:01 pm

    Ariel they are amazing!!!!

  5. Brides Mom ~ Ruthann: October 4, 20122:51 pm

    These are wonderful!! What an artistic eye you have….I can see why Grace chose you after searching far and wide. You captured the moments of quiet reflection to exuberant celebration, the beauty of the surroundings and the wonder of the day…from beginning to end. Thank you so much!! Just beautiful ~ a treasured day that will be remembered. Blessings!

  6. Stefanie j.: October 4, 20122:59 pm

    These are INSANELY BEAUTIFUL!!! Love every single frame! Stunning work…

  7. ~ callee ~: October 4, 20124:00 pm

    These are stunning – love them all!

  8. Sharon eden: October 5, 20122:04 am

    I’m Sharon, and Grace and Tyler’s wedding was at my house. I met you at the wedding and wanted to tell you that the photographs are beautiful!! I have my favorites of Grace and Tyler, but as for me, I really love some of the personal ones you took of the house and areas around the house. The pictures are simply art in photos!

  9. Leona Farmer {grandmother}: October 6, 201211:06 pm

    I enjoyed looking at ALL of the pictures. I loved them.

  10. Bo: October 30, 20122:46 am

    I share the same opinion as the others when I say I feel the emotions as if I were part of this couple’s special day. I love so many of the details. I love the bride’s beautiful choice of jewelry. Her dress is so unique and stunning. You caught the sincerity of the guests and I can easily tell how supported the couple is. What wonderful photographs. Probably one of my favorite couples you’ve done, Rel.

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