Christen + Andrew

Christen and Andrew make me oh so happy. Their wedding day in Milton, Kentucky was cold and rainy and beautiful and perfect and I loved every freezing second of it.

Check out their After session, if you missed it!

(Wedding trailer, coming soon!!!)

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  1. Stefanie: November 26, 20123:27 am

    These are insane!!!! So spectacular!!!!!!!!!

  2. Janelle: November 26, 20127:05 pm

    Stunning as always:) But seriously…. perfect feel and style in these photos, the wedding fits perfectly with what you captured.

  3. Carolyn: November 27, 201211:11 pm

    Just beautiful. You are such an amazing artist!!!

  4. Caroline Fontenot: December 4, 20127:40 pm

    yikes these are so cool

  5. mae: December 6, 201211:26 pm

    great story-telling! absolutely gorgeous.

  6. Ryan: December 18, 20125:27 am

    Holy F***ing Cow! That whole set as truly awesome. Lots of details, lot of details, lots of great individuals and lots of freaking awesome! Stoked I found your wedding blog! I am going to stalk you up a little more tomorrow when I have some free time! :)

  7. Hannah Elise: January 6, 20134:31 pm

    omw I just found your blog last night via pinterest–your work is incredible! blown away by your beautiful art. you do amazing work, and have been blessed with such a creative eye.

  8. Ana: January 6, 20138:45 pm

    Truly incredible! Your work is so beautiful!

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