2012 Recap

This year has been insane, in the most beautiful and unexpected way. Because of all my amazing couples, friends and family members I am able to do something I completely adore. Thank you to all of them and thank you for taking a minute to look through a bit of my work from this past year.

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  1. Callie: December 21, 201210:09 pm

    Your work is seriously stellar. You have had a beautiful year and thank you for sharing!!!

  2. Taylor: December 21, 201210:11 pm

    LOVE this recap post! I am still blown away by everything you shoot, but the wedding in Sweden might still be my favorite! ;)

  3. Mitchell james: December 21, 201210:12 pm

    Can’t tell you how much I love your work. For real, every frame in here is so awesome!

  4. Stefanie.: December 21, 201210:13 pm

    beautiful post! im sure your 2013 will be even more amazing, if thats possible!

  5. Crystal Schouest: December 21, 201210:57 pm

    YAY!! What a fabulous year! Can’t wait for 2013 :)

  6. Cameron: December 22, 20125:51 am

    One of the best 2012 recaps I’ve seen anywhere. Seriously, these are fantastic.

  7. Allie Coleman: December 22, 20127:00 am

    Incredible collection of work. So beautiful.

  8. CHLOE: December 28, 20121:42 am


  9. Dianna Beatty: December 31, 20121:37 am

    This is incredible work. You are absolutely, completely so so SO talented.

  10. brad: December 31, 20121:37 am


  11. Shelli: December 31, 20121:39 am

    Holy freaking crap. You are insanely good. Bravo, for real.

  12. lydia {ever ours}: December 31, 20121:41 am

    absolutely gorgeous. so excited that you sent over your work to share on the blog this year..can’t wait for next year and what you capture!

  13. Allison: December 31, 20121:59 am

    Love love love!! Really enjoyed that couple far away in the field between the fences…loved Annie hugging her knees with the hat on…Ruth and Emma giggling and J&J on the dance floor…that one groom crying – oh my goodness! Goosebumps. Brilliant brilliant work. Such a treat to see the whole year in one post.

  14. Kelly jones: December 31, 20123:25 am

    geez geez. you are so amazing. i am OBSESSED with your work. so looking forward to all you will share in 2013!! god bless!

  15. Brittni: December 31, 20123:26 am

    Love love love love love. every single photo.

  16. ty: December 31, 20123:27 am

    ridiculous work. for real, ridiculous. keep it up, dude.

  17. Steve Gerrard: January 5, 20138:59 am

    Beautiful stuff. Love the freshness and sense of fun in your images. Great variety too.
    Have a great 2013.

  18. tim: January 5, 201311:24 am

    Love your work! Have an even better 2013

  19. Chad Z: January 5, 20132:50 pm

    Jeez. Killer work :)

  20. Brian Furbush: January 5, 20132:50 pm

    These are absolutely insane! Your work is incredible, keep grinding in 2013!

  21. Julie: January 5, 20139:07 pm

    daaaangggg. this post is incredible.

  22. Julia Manchik: January 6, 201312:15 am

    Impressive! Happy 2013! (found this thanks to Wyn)

  23. Katie Osgood: January 6, 201312:26 am

    So gorgeous! A+++ Happy 2013!

  24. Daniel Muller: January 6, 201312:34 am

    Hands down the best “best of” post all year. Inspiring.

  25. Meredith: January 6, 20131:10 am

    WHAT?! You are by far the most talented photographer ever. I mean that. I look at photography every day and your is the best I’ve ever seen. I’m blown away!!!!!!

  26. Karen: January 6, 20131:46 am

    Stunning work and so much variety. You sure know how to work that light! :)

  27. Jen: January 6, 20133:22 pm

    I’m speechless. These are all wonderful.

  28. Ryan: January 7, 20133:54 am

    So, So, SO SOOOO many epic photographs! I am seriously very inspired by seeing your work from 2012 in this collage/blog post. Killing it!

  29. liz: January 16, 20134:43 am

    gah. so insanely amazing

  30. Agnes: April 12, 201312:17 pm

    WOW!!! You’re so talented! I love all your photos!

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