Rachael Lampa

When a shoot is so fun you don’t wanna stop.

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  1. stacy: May 21, 20137:09 pm

    These are gorgeous and she is stunning. I love that these photos are so focused and simplistic. Beautiful work.

  2. Carolyn Slo.: May 21, 20137:10 pm

    Just so beautiful.

  3. Kristyn: May 22, 20131:12 am

    oooh, drop dead gorgeous. LOVE.

  4. Sidney Morgan: May 24, 20133:08 am

    so perfect.

  5. wynners: June 6, 20135:03 am

    oooo man those black and whites

  6. Belinda: December 20, 20134:53 am

    Wow! She looks very beautiful!!!

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