Colin Benward

Colin’s band Fire Spies has a new EP coming out this summer. We took some pictures. Yessssssss.

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  1. Christen: June 1, 20127:57 pm

    Aw, sweet Colin. Soooo good! Love the window light photos. Amazing job, as ALWAYS Ariel. You are so consistently awesome. :)

  2. Brandon Wall: June 2, 201212:43 am

    These are sooo sick!

  3. jamie: June 2, 20122:19 am


  4. Colin: June 2, 20124:36 pm

    GIRRRL! U made me look good :) Thanks again A!! Ur the best

  5. Sharon: June 2, 20127:58 pm

    These are great! Colin, you are as handsome as ever… and Ariel, you really are consistenly awesome.

  6. Caroline Fontenot: June 3, 20124:14 pm

    I freakin love these!

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