The Desert, Las Vegas

One of THE best weeks ever. We drove around the desert and hiked and took photos and it was amazing.

(Lots more of Jen and Brad right here)

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  1. Amy Weber: April 2, 20134:42 am

    gorgeous photos!!

  2. Carlee: April 2, 20135:02 am

    These are beautiful! thanks for sharing a personal photo post! :)

  3. Jessica Taylor: April 2, 20135:03 am

    love these! beautiful colors!!!!

  4. tonja: April 2, 20135:06 am


  5. Stefanie j.: April 2, 20135:10 am

    gawww! your work is SO amazing! i always feel like i am there with you when i look through your photos! BEAUTIFUL!!!

  6. MIa: April 2, 20135:12 am

    Just adore these! i would totally print these and put them all over my own house!!!! :)

  7. ryan flynn: April 2, 20135:16 am

    you guys.

  8. Kristyn: April 2, 20134:19 pm

    the colors on these are BRILLIANT.

  9. carly: April 2, 20135:58 pm

    Already stoked for next year… Beautiful frames, Ariel!

  10. Rachel Sevin: April 2, 20138:36 pm

    OMG! Valley of Fire!? These are great! Love that place.
    You should see if you can get into the Neon Museum – now THAT’S a cool backdrop:) Love seeing all of your new stuff, Ariel!

  11. Chris Aragón: April 4, 20137:50 am

    Hermoso Trabajo – beautiful work

  12. brad: April 5, 201312:11 am

    lots more of Brad + Jen!!!?? can’t even wait

  13. Marta: April 5, 20132:50 pm

    Beautifully artistic photos!!

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