Roberts Family

So this was one of my fav family photo shoots so far this year for lots of reasons. Soren is a ball of energy and it is amazing. Meghann’s email for this shoot, made me laugh…a lot. I may or may not be obsessed with the map in Soren’s room…This family is possibly too awesome.

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  1. Jordan: July 21, 20116:07 pm

    These are so amazing!

  2. Dana: July 21, 20116:33 pm

    Love every picture!!

  3. Meredith: July 21, 20116:36 pm

    These are AMAZING!!! Such perfect family photos!!

  4. Cait: July 21, 20117:54 pm

    Omg!!!!!! Amazing!

  5. Lindsay: July 21, 201111:58 pm

    So many favorites here! You’re one talented lady and that’s one great family!

  6. sharon: July 22, 20114:13 pm

    These are fantastic! She has always been a beauty but you captured the entire family very well. I love the bedroom (so cool) and the shot of her and the dog. Great work!

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