Hudson Lane

Hudson just passed the 9 month mark. He is (very) mobile. He loves remote controls. He eats like a champ. He had to get another haircut (yes, another). His facial expressions are super entertaining. He loves books. He prefer play with a piece of paper over a new toy. Jumping is his new favorite past time. He thinks I’m super funny. He is starting to experience “mommy separation anxiety”, which is both sweet and exhausting. Peek-a-boo makes him laugh…a lot. He loves bath time. He is determined to someday chew on the drain (he puts his head all the way under the water trying to get to it…SCARES ME TO DEATH) His “I just woke up” face is my fav. I love him too much and I will probably cry when he turns one.

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  1. Dana: January 25, 20128:48 pm

    My oh my he is so cute! Love all the pics!!

  2. Coleman: January 25, 20129:17 pm

    Such beautiful photos of your little guy!!!

  3. chelsea / oh my deer: January 25, 20129:32 pm

    those eyes. that hair. i can’t handle it.

  4. Holly Bagwell: January 25, 20129:59 pm

    So cute I can’t stand it!!! Miss you guys!!

  5. Carly: January 27, 20122:47 am

    Gosh, he may be the cutest baby on the planet?!??!!!

  6. Mom: January 31, 20124:27 am

    the bestest grandson and daughter and son-in-law ever! love and proud of you all!
    I am not even kidding – these are the cutest photos ever!

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