Hudson, First Bday Party

Last month we celebrated Hudson’s first birthday, (above are stills and video screen grabs from the day). His Little Man party was a success, thanks to my sweet family and friends who helped with everything and partied with us. 10 babies and some mustaches made for cuteness overload. Still can’t believe my guy has been here over a year…
(PS. huge thanks to my brother, Brandon, for getting a lot of these photos and all the video at his party and for taking some family photos for us! We love you broseph. Also, high five to Garnish for the speedy and amazing help with some of the rad supplies!)

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  1. Janelle: May 23, 20123:53 pm

    So stinkin cute!!!!

  2. Nikki McFadden: May 23, 20123:54 pm

    How ridiculously cute!! The 10 babies are my favorite.

  3. Shannon Helmms: May 23, 20124:11 pm

    These are so precious! He is such a doll!

  4. Becca: May 23, 20128:32 pm


  5. Melis: May 24, 20123:49 pm

    What an awesome theme! I cannot get over all of that cuteness!

  6. Nate Bailey: June 23, 20121:13 am


    He is soooooooo CUTE!!! You went all out on the birthday theme. I loved the straw/stash combo!

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