Fesmire Family

Woods made his debut a little earlier than expected, but so glad he did! ;) He is a doll and such a sweet baby (he also kept doing this killer super hero pose…earned extra awesome points for that!) I was privileged to witness how Candace is already an AMAZING mama to this little guy. She knew just how to calm him down when he got a little fussy and just how to make him smile for the camera. She also did an awesome job on Woods’ nursery! It is super unique, creative and totally fits his name. :) Such a beautiful family and I couldn’t be happier for them. Yay for new life!

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  1. kate collins: September 7, 20118:06 pm

    Such beautiful photos! They are such a pretty family!

  2. Jess Lynn: September 7, 20119:13 pm

    OH MY WOW! So great!!! Love these!

  3. jamie loop: September 7, 20119:55 pm

    LOVE the Fesmire Family!!! Such wonderful photo’s!!!

  4. Shannon Helms: September 7, 201111:51 pm

    These are just gorgeous! Beautiful work!

  5. tammy: September 9, 20112:35 am

    Just gorgeous!!!!!

  6. Bo: October 1, 20116:19 pm

    I am in love with these photos! Great job, Rel. I’m so happy for Candace and her new addition!

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