Liz + Jon

I’m obsessed with her engagement ring. An impromptu concert on the deck. Tennessee in the fall. Pretty much a perfect afternoon with two awesome people. Doesn’t get much better than that.

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  1. Lori: November 7, 20124:23 pm

    These are truly inspiring and amazing. I truly want you to do my shoot when I get married. These are just….perfect in every way. Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

  2. Kyah: November 7, 20125:40 pm

    I love these!! Well done!

  3. Ana Quintana: November 7, 20126:02 pm

    PERFECT! These pictures are so sweet and refreshing. Love everything! I have to have this done next year when fall is at it’s peak. I think I missed it this time. :(

  4. Stefanie j.: November 7, 20126:34 pm

    These are awesome. Beautiful set! your work is always amazing!

  5. Chelsea Jaynes: November 7, 20126:35 pm

    Her engagement ring is SPECTACULAR!!!! And every single photo is just so perfectly beautiful!!!! Great work!

  6. Caroline Fontenot: November 7, 201211:15 pm

    Sick fashion and of course sick photos

  7. Ashley: November 9, 20123:53 am

    ridiculous photos.

  8. Aemee: March 11, 201312:47 pm

    Such beautiful and inspiring photos!!!

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