Lindsey + Danny

We shot these a month before they eloped. Secret keeping is fun.

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  1. Abigail: March 28, 20135:44 am

    These are insane amazing. Every frame…

  2. Gregory: March 28, 20135:45 am

    so great! awesome photos!

  3. Tristan: March 28, 20131:57 pm

    Jeeeze! Those are some gorgeous gorgeous people!

  4. Ana: March 28, 20135:39 pm

    Ariel, These are so incredible!! Every shot blew me away. You are so creative and extremely talented!!

  5. Hannah Elise: March 28, 201311:35 pm

    wow, amazing. love how you captured them + their love!

  6. Kristyn: March 29, 20134:01 am

    ahh these are magical!

  7. Meredith Adams: March 29, 20132:53 pm

    Wow, these are incredible! you worked HARD on these. And holy cow, they are models. like whoa.

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